She will need this more than anything else in the whole of her momentarily worsened world – these absurdly horrific not to mention each and every waywardly beset problems are turning out to be harrowing by all accounts
And now she must just try and string it right back together, where ever were we when she did indeed desperately ask for a rather serene piece of our compulsory time!?
All alone, suffocatingly so, and eagerly forced to delicately strum herself to the constant freeze-frame core of a seriously detrimental existence – futile at best
It her broken and surprisingly still pinkened heart’s very last wish to get to start absolutely everything and anything all over again – when it once managed to make incredible kinds of sense in so many stereotypically drenched manners of speaking, tweaking the radiant system ’til way back when we were hopelessly in-love
Silently, succinctly so attempting to courageously implement an altogether sumptuous amount of rhyme aside a gloriously telling degree of wanton reasoning
She will know above all else that we have been rather instrumentally high-wired, carefully waiting in these devotedly bespoke wings, on admittedly superficial dry ice if only for awhile, like never before in our whole widened world
Please, let me cut your pixie hair and tie it in a pretty warlord bow before you get to go once more

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