Indeed she breathes amidst these rigorously
Implemented , upside wrong way down underbelly manly men
Caressingly tattooed to a muscled trim
With nothing yet everything carried concentratedly
And altogether fair silently at gun-toting stillened will –
they stand side
To detrimentally tantalised side and attempt
To make a downtrodden
When silver-tooth bullets send the Overlords high-octane insane
//and lock-jaw crazy//of Their blood-choked and soaked within own distasteful accords
She wears nothing but a smoke-screen dress pressed sexily, softly, quite emasculatingly Against
To remind herself
The past
That still
Til said rip curl bullets drain their enemies to
The boned core via snide, crying teardrop eyes
Over harshly cold-ended shoulders,
Lukewarm to
Deadened in a quick fire final heartbeat