The dearest words in the world. A writer’s nerve-laden way in – Warts ‘n’ what exactly!? Only for an approachable appendix creatively conjoined by the matter of mannerly persuasion. Namely, three-tiered and terrifically trying: Professionally whipsmart, riotously real and about to swap this jaded, olden-day, mundane story for a joyous masterclass in approved procrastination. The flow is ever-knowing – Only so soon as then… An audiovisual lip twists to tip the far-reaching face of the beat-back ceiling… Of his meticulously misbehaving mouthpiece. Welcome, oh one and all – To these kaleidoscopically inescapable feelings. Brushed, bruised and battered, about to make it meticulously matter. In one manner or another. Taken gloriously asunder and endlessly prepared to make it work for its whole wide worth til otherworldly reinvigorating. Distilled to thrill – To fearlessly peel her obsolete eyes wide open again…

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