Guaranteed to feel somewhat all sorts of developmentally ‘IN-sane’ and somewhat overshadowed by this garrulous feeling of far/reaching FREE-DOM. Her ability to please her very own set of souls does INDEED come AT THE PRICE OF: number 1!

A settled aforementioned soul and she just might perhaps MANAGE to e-l-o-n-g-a-t-e the reSOUNDing positives and turn it into a who’s=who of Delectable intelligence… …
… … … …

to sit/stand/run/RUSH & rise to the challenge this particular TIME .. that is only ever something with wings PUT UPON AND SINGING INSIDE of her storyboard mind—-

Never been bored whatsoever anymore. And NEVER truly will… … believe in that malnourished entitlement

As it does appear that her pill of choice is undiluted emergence…
to suitably burst her beauty to the core of the substantially SIGNIFICANT surface

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