The level of unpardonable aplomb met with degrees of officially significant chaos
Those comforting feelings turning themselves instrumentally toward utter apprehension – purposeful as well as gently fed and filtered against the traversing face
Of the paint hits the page emerges mysteriously above the steadied easel which sleeps soundly back beneath
She’ll be attempting to spill her guts again all of the nocturnal-night long till the abrupt and generally upsetting ending manages to make mammoth sense – when a rhapsodic, multi-infused, painterly piece of confiscated orchestration becomes heavily gilded in a million multi colours and simply asks, no… bare-faced beneficially begs to be bathed sufficiently within…
The uproarious eye of her perfectly pitched storm which shall someday so soon get to warm the confiscated cockles of…
A billion-and-one over-emotive artist’s hearts set sail
Ship to shore: Come back for more.