Eyelids peeled wide shut so that no-one is ever able to steal him away
For one day at least
A day which took it wholly upon itself to become all about these settled memories
No words, no nothing being able to break on in
Nobody ever getting to have their all too suitably sour say
Seems silence is most certainly golden in this particular instance
Blinds pulled down all round, darkened rather remarkably
A wry smile before a solo dimple decides to show its wanderlust face if only for a while
Internal sparks will absolutely fly
‘Til everything transforms stll – his daily dose of majestic mind games which can divide themselves entirely
Bedazzled and downtrodden onlookers utterly unable to have their say all over again
Impression-makers brought to a deteriorating point of being dragged by their ever-determined waysides
Forever left to rot in eternity, where a once oh so smooth wriggle of these snake-like hips becomes nothing but a struggle
This man will indeed eternally endure all of it
In it to win it, while everyone else shies right off – the softer outer layer