They’ve done all of the bad things in this world, killed, murdered millions, taken people down to their last breath before slicing off their heads, force-feeding them death right there on the spot
And they never get caught because there is far too much strength in numbers, the world over, they keep on murdering, decapitating, turning rivers red
A million towns filled with dread, ’til people have no alternative than to take their own lives, houses left empty, a child on his own, once full windows now minus a wife
They’ll be next if they don’t flee, accept that these horrendous people will never go away
A disgrace but it will continue on ’til the end of time, ’til every last one of the people they want to murder gets murdered, every town is burnt to the ground
I saw one such decapitated corpse, a mother of a long lost friend, the poor and defenseless woman, she went completely against what those people figured to be the trend, her wrists were slit, hands chopped clean off, eyes ripped from their sockets ’til her brain had gone soft
Torture of the worst kind, although no good kind of course
Her son now sits with me and prays everyday for a place in heaven alongside his ghost-mother, I shudder when he revisits his past, gives me a vomit-inducing blast of memory, just a child but it can often run deeper than that
People who love to see others die right there in front of their glassy eyes, a gun, a knife, either one will do when it comes to taking that life away
You cannot put a price on life but these people do
You can pray but they’ll still come your way
Maybe one day he gets his own back, you see, he has put a plan of his own in place, to climb the ladder right on up to the top, come face to face with the leader
He said as much only the other day, and now all I can do is pray, pray that when he does do this unthinkable thing he manages to find his way back, not lose track and become one of them