Once oh so spritely, now just about as lively as Jimmy Saville
A sense of humour can’t hurt too much
Minus all of those ludicrously rancid rumours, of course
He touched kids, while she was far more likely to grasp for the lid
Flat lemonade and enough tissues to beat the band
Flailing arms doing ninety, all that they can
A dose of what’s real – the true and often untimely meaning of life
Family does surround her, but nonetheless a dreadful albeit momentary feeling of teetering on the absolute brink
A cuppa carrot soup for lunch, her sorry husband advising her to “drink with a straw.”
A fistful of Paracetamol, truth be told a rather regrettable bunch
A headache like no other, next in line to take her gloriously asunder
Fair’s fair though, she had a hunch
Lazing about the house, quiet albeit equally flamboyant, nasty as a mouse
Nit-picking at everything, even still a ridiculous desire to keep the place clean
Remain on top of things
The hangover from hell didn’t help one bit
Split her personality in two for the time being at least, drew an all too unnecessary need, a longing to feast
Your eyes are far larger than your stomach, dear girl, be oh so careful now or you’ll be rushed to the hospital, draw a crowd whilst zipped to a drip, forced to be pumped
Causing doctors and nurses to recall all too well that film The Exorcist