We were pushed punch drunk into the middle of inebriated circumstances and No one else can’Ve anticipated that… utterly… ******* distortion of things. It’s comical to think and it’s definitely comical to have coined

Enough phrases of comatose bewilder for them to’ve ended sentences with
Their insinuation$ in check. She paid the cheque and got the **** outta Dodgeville as far and as fast as any one VILIFIED idiot can

Catch themselves off guard and simultaneously guard themselves From Everybody else .. . It’s a mind numbing number of people who stirred her favourite EmoTionS and if she really wished to want it SO ******* BAD, “then she might like to

== end up battling with nothing anymore.” She might even like to OPEN THAT DOOR. Because, as rumour would have it, her *catastrophic ConFusIon is in fact her NO.1

Calling card, even if utterly unbeknownst to her