It’s a silence that will definitely scare the life from an ocd sufferer. When their ruminations are slowing down, not at all happening as often. It’s gonna be extremely mentally painful, yet nowhere near as painful as the other option / being utterly stuck in ocd’s loop-cycle. I do think that perhaps the part of the brain which has been set alight in an addict might just also be involved in the ocd imbalance. I don’t know. Will maybe never know. But you are trying to silence an imbalance that has you fearing something extraordinarily catastrophic will happen if you DO NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO STOP yourself from ruminating. I’m scared and hurt by it and certainly heartbroken, but more so head broken, really, than anything else. I do everything and will not give up at something that I have worked so so so hard to alleviate to a comfortable and suitable entent.