They are acrimonious and unsettled and definitely DEFIANT about— denying themselves yet another Chance To Feel: “relatively Real, indeed.” We were bursting at the wideOPEN, ajrnto feel

Hahahahaha bliss filled and utterlyAT1(!) “YAY! Maybe we have been around the nestle of bEnD tO SeNd Enough menOFwomen to their deathly durtPURE graves.” And that’s.. Okay, had to have been…

An absolute crippling feeling of carrying a thirst-LADEN WEIGHT which willNEVEReverManageAtExistingAgain. Inside anyone else’s TRAIN-of-brain. This place, this.. innerWARD feeling OfHaving, ahem… SCENE-it allBefore(..) Although, What Of It if.. we actually have

— understood this need for mile-high Deja-EXCRUCIATING-Vu, actually. “These high-wired people who’ve(?) been acting utterly impossible and pointless —

in a most important SenseOfEGOdystonic Awareness whenever

The rest of them~THERE got themselves caught LAVISHLY within their very ownDREAM.” INESCAPABLE, maybe. Punishable— absaEFFINGlutely(!!)

Still doing this PUPPETEERED thing::: with their minds sTrAyiNg((at the pUlsaToRY seams)), and s-t-i-l-l… dreaming/SCREAMING
for.. a sugarcoated standstILL. That everyone else carries without even needing to try harder than the mind can deny