Radicalised by a stint in posthumous paradise. A trembling mess of over-exposed and virile virtue for the chosen few-too-many of maniacal persuasion-both-sinking sensation, who, TOO… shall traipse their tired limbs until broken at the shriek of the blue-collared bone …

Pedantic, people ! PrecarioUSly meant to be beautifully postHUMORoUS, perhaps .. and p-r-i-m-e-d to be … mischievously misunderSTOOD amid utterly comfortable creation.

When one man’s highly addictive words suddenly beget and become one gentleman’s spurned emotions … set to EVENTually p-o-u-r … ..

With his beaked bewilder pushed nonchalantly AGAINst the floor, he will constantly CRY red ribbons of unspeakable tears… namely, he appEARS or have been—

An alcohol-ingested, inhumane GENTLE-man of generous-both-ingenious insinuation

InFATuated with that sense of never-ENDing strain

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