He took her mind and found one such way to make it break and in all of the right places – where everything longs to forever intertwine and to remarkably remind her, of something equally as amazing as this crazily drunken sun leant ‘specifically overhead, sordidly encaptured ’til heavenly enraptured against

These cracks they cause are letting the light get in

Right out of preacher’s reach, yet she meets it right at the melting-pot middle every single sensuously sent time

Their high-instanced, earthly-rested bed … is blessedly caressed aside outrageously, altogether tantalisingly dressed, and placed upon a blue-eyed beach wherein these other person’s feel no real need for anything other than absolute everything

And the ocean winks back at the shore, begging for it to return some more – a poetically inclined inclination for utterly restful, seriously none-too-serious people

And this perfectly paralysed by an altered life pair smirk at the obvious nature, which finally, quite welcomingly, aligns right before them all

Each and every spectacular one of them masterfully rested and at begotten peace with their better selves, hardly ever realized and reckoned upon, only ever by that treasured 1% of mindfully mindless people

He’s right, it’s where the light gets in …

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