There’s a time and a PACE… for it all to majorly make: all sorts of KINDs of sortable and suggestive Sense ((Of Itself))
Even If, they HAD to have d-e-l-v-e-d to a plACE of utterly bewildering anomaly actually, and even then—- what had to happen was

For them to SIT Mysteriously tWiStEd And Eagerly(!!) Still YET again. “We’ve altered many a Nonconformist thing and it feels”

Hahahahaha-onUTTER-purPOSE, and even when the MinD magically Realigns Itself:: it will take, ever-yet, a humongous level of attention-to-DElIcAtE-Detail, maybe. “It WAS looking AND wishing to be

—-) Sporadic and spontaneous and very-much-so— much to do about NOTHING ANYMORE(!!!)”
Wildly eye- AND MIND-sore

When, EVER-READy, Their ability to RAISE the stakes t-a-k-e-s everything and, THEN, PRETTY MUCH—- annnnythiiinnng!!!

“These people have.. sought to send their aforementioned mInDs Comfortably W-i-L-d AND for the price

Of —-)) barefaced and unprovoked Intelligence”