Touching the tumult again, a tremendous disposition set in sizeable stone, or river of silken ink rather
A gained gathering of untrained, untainted-upon thought – these home-blown, -grown writer’s really ought to settle this age-old word-bound score for themselves
All detailed manipulation catapulted and stood sprightly upright and fashionably impassioned til undeniably, endlessly, outright vivaciously instigated til deliriously, downright desirably permitted – onto We
This fast-paced, charming, pretty little play-pretend imprisonment meant to mean absolutely anything, suddenly so very meaningfully lends itself gent-ly toward everything gilded ‘n’ guided by
An avidly sat, decidedly, delightfully trapped, over-invested reader
When ever she gets to forever letting herself defiantly see – many a magically maniacal thing. Which soothingly sits itself down right round no such correction desk, which sets itself up to wishfully, wistfully, fair imaginatively whistle ‘n’ whisper… from inner-within the mysterious makings of his silken sleeve.

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