Enough cocktails to set the whole city in serious motion
A Mojito, Andrea Furlong’s chosen potion
Toe-to-high heeled toe with her arch-nemesis, a war of cocktail extravaganza atop dry wit words
No split hairs here, just a toast to all ‘n’ sundry
So long as they both get to have their day in the sun by the very end
Then, a rum & coke to choke the whole damn atmosphere right the way out
Truly disguised, albeit utterly dependent upon one another
Natural animosity second only to the burly bouncers on show
Toe-to-toe in their very own particularly hardened way – “Pay in, or lose your face!!”
Two dastardly dolls, made-up to the hilt
Everyone’s rather visual disgrace right this minute
Always pasty come last orders of an evening
Stealing one another’s thunder ’till it all finally came crashing down

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