Too easy for words, hence the mathematical equation
High-school caretaker of rather epic inclination
Heavily intent upon leaving the right kind of mark, even if a different kind of spark flew there for awhile entirely
Fields Medal laureate equally intent on persuading this wayward young fella on into his particular circle
Of deceit, perhaps
Needless to say, perfectly usurped by the oh so very nearly detrimental end
Courtesy of an old hat former psychologist’s all too dedicated interruption
Many a war of words inside of his dilapidated studio – where his very own story gets to unfold – before setting the seed for a pair of far more impressive lives about to take precious hold
A best-friend waiting in the dastardly wings on the ‘caretaker’ pushing things to the next level
Break the barrier, set a brand new kinda trend for himself as well as his ridiculously devoted girlfriend
The beauty with the curls – law student brunette ringlets without regret
Heavyset, how his more masculine side just seemed to like it
Frightfully perfect
Less about the medal, far more about his utter potential to absolutely amount to something
Take it from one Robin Williams, regret nothing…
How you like them apples!!

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