What a man, the best kind of man
With just one plan, to gather moss, the best kind of moss, a most beautiful and unique
Sincere to the last, a personality that cannot but call out to you, speak
Navigation system on, bouncing from one table to another, conversing wholeheartedly with a few, fond memories running the core, ones of his beloved mother
No slew of words when it comes to this …man, an absurdly enticing time, the family out in numbers
Party hard tonight and tomorrow we get to slumber
Time stood still, courtesy of a picture frame doing the rounds, our grandfather back in the day, a handsome man with life’s plan about to unfold, be told
Up to us to bank more memories, sitting alongside our cousins, smiles a mile wide, cracking jokes left, right and centre
Deep at times
Tides of nostalgia, a piece of him swimming through everyone
Raise a glass, to the clan