They’ve been amazed by the state of their own sense of masterfully unashamed bewilder, actually; it’s
Been a rather finely tUnEd ThInG: even when(?) “we saluted ourselves and everyone else so as to—-

Ultimately” make it happen, to make MIGHTILY correspondingMENDS once again… these pretty little bUcKlED pEnNieS of theirs, they really do seem to have held the whole wide contactlessWorldYetAgainYearning to beTogether .

Searching for our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious souls, we seem to have StrolledIntoYET another Realm of, ahem…

“Shirked intelligences.” We were STANDINGtallY’allAndFranklySUBstantial when..

The peripheral people opened UPtheir wildly minds —-to find
A make believe MeSs within their makeUPofbRaIn(.) NOTHING is SaFe and many things AREreal//

Even if… “When we fend for ourSELVES we do deeply depend on EVERYONEelse” who carries the ableABILITY toSIT&T-h-I-n-K

In one wonderful LinePerTime. And IF-SO: “then how the fuuuuuuck(??!) was that taken from us” and thrown into a HEAP of
Head melting hEcTiCiTy – down in our knees. “We will NEVER-AGAIN go lightly”