The shape of his sit/awhile soul/ that ambidextrous strength to up/sticks and apply himselfAgainst the faded shape of this “StayAWHILE, page!!”

Hell/over/HiGH WaTEr: he’ll be left in a WhIrRiNg, worrisome rage, waging his artistic wits predator-ESQUEAgainst

Nobody else

Yet, himSELF- comfortably tied to that fainting/chair

“Oh, my!” Time again, the do-or-REMAIN DOE-EYED naysayer of unequaled qualifications – he will “NOT DISQUALIFY HIMSELF THIS TIME!”

As he opts to softly-at-first KNOCK on the Fort-Knox RESTORATION behindHis BuIlDiNg/BlOcKs MiNd.

Easy/as/pie… to find… the tImE… multiplied by

These rather outrageous instances of torturous portrayal- as he enters into Another chosen gateway

Of OVERemotional catchphrases and ALL OTHER intently intensified things!!

To feel that ten-second smile on his face he’s been searching so fearlessly for.

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