What about the hardest part of dead, alive, and seductive and she shuts the ****-UP and su*** herself off anyway? She’s an aforesaid vagabond desire and she just might… like to make it feel

As real as… “real people with a hard-on for Jarring their dIssimIlaR Intelligences, please.” When they swoop-on-in again and (never, EVER) Neglect to Mention All of these mollycoddled men and their terrific tendencies to —- “cradle and create in a simultaneous state of MAYBE MASTERFUL (behaviour), maybe it ain’t.”

We’ve said a few of the most disappointing things TO THEM and they’ve even done the hard-work enough times now in understanding the HanD That RoCkEd its very own showboating experience. Evidentially so she’s gone toe-to-toe with

The Queen-of-evil and STILL STANDS REMARKABLY TALL anyway. They say that it’s all over-the-place dishevelled and acting distantly ((deceptive)) YET again and that she can in fact – “utter spectacular sentences anyway… until DEAFENINGLY AMBIGUOUS IS THEIR STATE
Of unpardonable POWER-PLAY actually.”