He raped a girl one time and this was all that he could think, how sublime his crime was
Didn’t matter one bit that the authorities were out to get him, lock him up and throw away the key
This is who he wanted to be
Would write down his list of ‘conquests’, then on with the show he would go
A horrible glow about him, plying hoards of women with drink, pawing them down a darkened alley before they even had time to think
Thought them deserving owing to the fact his own father had done the exact same thing to his mother, no less
Nobody knew ’til one morning his younger brother came upon that list by chance, handed it over the authorities, begging then to please arrest him
They didn’t do this ‘cos he knew the right kinds of people in all of the wrong kinds of places, the hardened face of a pervert with only one thing on his mind, to find the next in a long line of conquests
And who did he believe that this was going to impress, his father of course
A man who had since then taken to an altogether different path in life
Still sick, had slurred his words for the most part of his life but kept trying to tell his older son that he what he was doing was entirely the wrong thing
Nothing but a sin, he told him
That this pursuit of his would never, ever turn out to be a win-win
His son said that it was his father’s fault, he let it all out
That if the man had in fact managed to bore a daughter all of his own then she would be next
As soon as he showed him his list of conquests the father disowned this disappointing sex-pest
He was now prone to praying to the high heavens that his son, one of two of course, recovered
While they both sat in their prison cells, the latter of the two eventually began to slew his words too, find what he had done in the past to be unforgivable, absurd
Felt pity for the victims, ashamed to ever have to meet his brother again
Not a word was said anymore once he exited through the back door of the prison some twenty-years later
Changed his name, got moved to a different country by the authorities where his Nigerian bride would only know him as ‘Slater’