And stand overhead and sit to watch and witness his inner insides burn by your eagle-eyed, prioritied everything

This has been motherfucking meaning to happen for all of an age-old legendary century – and the pitchfork sword falls down upon all of his wrongdoings which will fade from appearance and relinquish themselves

Utmost deserved aside remarkably earned, ’til his faltering memories are nothing yet many a distastefully cold-shouldered thing in this renewable world of yours

Where the smallest steps aren’t even so small but rather unbelievably upward steeped releases of imaginative life – by the glare of your very own pro-created god, you shall fabricate a while the whole damn irresponsible thing

‘Til all of these people stand overhead and sit to watch and witness your inner insides rise up amidst their prioritised, eagle-eyed everything – they’ve been waiting with arms wide open and it simply feels … unspeakable

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