Three girls that scorching hot day in ‘Nam
Each with a pair of legs that ran
Whipping a note from the barrel of my gun
A cheek to cheek smile, I was gonna have some fun
Three soldiers smirked
Taking a girls hand
How’d this go down, Benny built like a bolder?
Phil so gaunt he’d drown in quicksand
Went about my business, picked the busty one
Took her to a shelter where I placed down my gun
Stepping from her negligee I couldn’t but stare
Sitting back I hadn’t a care
It turned out quite fun
Me, her, and that empty gun
Suddenly came a knock on the door
Lousy Lieutenant Lock: “Get away from the good-for-nothing whore!”
Luckily I had my camera
Got a few snaps of ‘Tamara’
Beat the hell outta fighting the opposition
Lean a little closer… it was position after position
Not a word was said of that scorching hot day
It etched in my mind, only a pinch of dread
A boy’s gift to himself for a hard fought war
A few years later that dread spread, my wife she opened my bottom drawer