On into my every altogether discretionary direction, when there is so very much as next to no-one looking – they just wouldn’t dare themselves, would they?
Prepare yourself to relive all of these crazed and serendipitous dreams which have seemingly been living rather senselessly on up inside of your beautiful mind – so you must know they’ve been stuck on reverse all courtesy of me for such a tirelessly albeit, nonetheless, triumphantly long time
Get to let yourself watch that bird flutter upon that strewn-out wire just like one charming Leonard Cohen oft sang
And feel free to tie your pretty little silkened silhouette features to my absolute and undeniably astute high-octane posture whilst watching us sing midst these spring/winter intricate slaloms of their haphazard own
Everybody knows I’m a dog with a chewed-out bone
Take my rambling hand, try and finally translate all of these quixotic and fair flavoursome freeze-frame stares to set your thumping heart immeasurably apart
‘Til you know what I’m thinking for the two of us

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