“Turn it into a film”… “Let them see what you can write”… “Do the audience a favour, give them one almighty fright!”
People coming at me from all kinds of angles, looking to piece together an all too flawed jigsaw, whatever the weather
Didn’t matter if I was at home, eating my breakfast, I needed to think fast, come out with a brand new slew, something that would appeal to all and sundry
Let me see, what on earth would I have to do next so as to impress the masses, what will it be, still early days but how about reading my poetry to relatively young students inside the cosy confinements of their English classes?
Just a suggestion, one such way to make an impression, a mark indented most beautifully, causing them to stroll on home, and before sitting it out at their Playstation – door locked – to take out a pen
Because of me, in part at least, they may just be able to go about finding their very own ZEN
“You need to write all night, write and write ’til you’re able to decipher between what’s good and what might turns out to be nothing but downright tripe, ‘cos there will be tripe, there has to be, we’ll call it a stepping-stone to the top, just so long as you never, EVER stop!”
So that’s what I’ll do, let the slew come at me from afar, ’til I feel I’m on a par, maybe even better than the likes of Keats
No two ways, that above all else would most certainly turn out to be my finest feat