Give me your time of day and I will try oh so very hard to match you for equal gusto
I dunno if you were ever even all that bothered by me, guess we’ll just have to sit it out, wait and see
Here I am either way, waiting upon your everything and absolutely nothing all at once
I cannot begin to so much as count the amount of times you turned a cold-shoulder, placed down a lovelorn boulder right between us
And then, she came along, the read deal – no-one quite like her
Made my memories of you but unravel in a rather delightfully hurried slur
An utter willingness to get from the beginning right to the mesmerising end before our particular story may ever take hold all of it’s own accord once more
Please, please keep on keeping on, and be sure as brown sugar to continue giving me that oh so wonderfully cold-shoulder
Once the hostess with the most, now nothing but glorious background noise

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