I don’t write because I have to, I only write because I need to
So you know, these words will always be fair on up in the air, awaiting my resilient knack seemingly at grabbing them oh so very silently
Before letting them – each and every next one – breathe it out upon my forever page
One thing I can always rely upon
I am strong
When we were young they told me I could, would so very much as manage to do it; that sumptuousness and an outright ability to wrap it inside of a neat and pretty now was paramount
That there will always be a narrow divide between what us good, what is oh so great
Let fate decide, let it take you upon one last avid excursion of yours
Precision to one may well turn out to fall agonisingly by a thousand others unlearned and tellingly haphazard waysides
Why not hide it out for a time, like they say, ’till fair managing to rhyme unequivocal
There’s that forever smile we’ve been longing to see
All over again

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