There’s this wish to maybe create some kind of eventual film. With the scribbles for now, however… I just cannot seem to stop myself, and it is a littleBIG bit cyclical at this point. Probably has been for a fair few years actually. But when you totally and utterly feel like you are onto something, it most definitely needs to be chased down like a rat in the night. It needs to be tamed time again. Killed. Destroyed. Whichever, until you build it all back together. Not the rat 😆 obviously, but the scribbles. It’s your very own personalised land of imagination and it feels.. let me think about how it might actually feel for a few sec… it feels LIKE YOU’RE TIED TO SOMETHING SO MUCH LARGER THAN YOURSELF 🤷‍♂️ Something that probably will help people in one form or another- the amount of stored stories in that website is ridiculous, really, and I have to step back for a moment and take a breath because, well, that website was built out of… absolutely nothing. Perhaps a whole lot akin to a teacher choosing to ask the dottiest kid in school to suddenly figure out a way to unearth the answer to mathematical equations even math professors might struggle with 😜 THAT’S what it took. You cannot replicate that particular level of determination, I don’t think. I mean, I can try