With the ocd you are just looking to relax. Now, I don’t personally love to relax all the time, per se, which means rather a lot of movement for me. Cycling. Walking. Running. And that is fine. My kind of relaxing, you could say. However. With the aforementioned disorder, the mind-dIsComBobUlAtiOn is none of a sufferer’s business, actually. Truth is, it cannot be because, well, plainly put it IS just that thing: a discombobulation, coaxed to life inside of the brain by an imbalance at a very important part of said brain with regards the workings and decision-makings, etc. It is overheated. Outrageously so, and what that means is that, often times you will have to try and sit with the bombardment of thought/s- the uncontrollable ones, I mean. That’s as difficult as it gets, really. And the proof of that is, I guess, that I am still struggling with it. You cannot turn it off. It’s pretty much incurable, so they seem to think. And that’s a massive shame, but you do your very best to adapt. You go harder than anyone may have done in their life, only, in this particular instance you are going hard at trying to relax 🤷‍♂️ 💪 To date, truth be said, I’ve pretty much been working… 🤔 say, eighteen-hour shifts per-day (in my head). Just that the ‘job’ is ocd. But, again, it’s none of my business what’s happening in my head, just to let it do whatever it does and keep smiling