Of course the addiction was an outright dereliction all of its haphazard own
This young and handsome man once oh so sure to have carried with him a delicate plan – to meet these flavoursome dreams right by the pretty middle
A little and never a lot was seemingly just enough to momentarily root him to the all too tragic spot
For a time at least – we can tend to fall via the most unsuspecting and problematic feast, when these eyes prise something or other out from under the woodwork
But he did what many of his flailing peers might fail to desirably do, managed to unequivocally coax the juvenile life right back on through his every momentary being – relatively pristine now
They’ve been waiting, and now he stands oh so very tall with a beautiful stringed guitar at hand, adamant upon continuing to wrestle wholeheartedly against these harshened sands of time
A glass of wine to rather ironically distance all of these demons
Whilst impressively permitting himself to soar like never before
There needs to be cracks, that’s where the light gets in…
Just like one Leonard Cohen sang

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