To act smoothly and advantageous is all that it will take — to live-the-life they DID dream-of-Creating, actually; “it’s been a none-too-hyperactive SPONTANEITY-of-awareness, actually, which HAD-to-be lassoed — Back IN again(.)”

These ARE, undeniABLY, the highly-strungAND strong-mindedPeople

Who NEED-TO-KNOW.. How on Earth the f-l-o-w DID, dodder-faced-and-ALL, tend to GO(!!)

“It’s been.. a good while coming now, and they DO (in-DEED) appEAR to have a-c-t-e-d —-))) aforeMENTIONED utterly advantageousThisTime…

As-well-as: “spontaneoUS whenEVER their aforementioning ofMindsight DID W-I-S-H to wisely BRING itself——>

back togetherAgain(!!) Neatly does it NOW, dearly plagiarised-People, Because, soothes you to say it, That IT’S all-of-it been

Smiling-in-KIND(and.. for a fair while now.)