It wasn’t that they didn’t seem to settle and instantly inspire themselves all the time, just that.. they tended to attend to doing it

With their juvenile female smiles radically bewildered and readily steadfast//
As one painter/Artist can get. The fret, though: which sends a shadow of ShIveR down their

Lent over, often times… left over spine(..) gNarLed and SnArlEd at the centrePOINT of something utterly… spontaneous and g-e-n-t-l-yPerTuRbEd, maybe(?) There is a bedding-in process. And there’s DEFINITELY a standard of verbosity which swims so intricately.. “and she

SHALL (all of her) alter a thousand unsuspecting pieces at WILL(..)” Soon as we were readily available to seeANDwitness theSeizing Of yet another

HomeSpun, RadiantfACED masterpiece. “She’s in all of us: these… stay-away, mildly-both-WiLdly bEwIldErEdANDmannered artists..

… of whipsmART(!!) emotion and other EXPLANATORILY-explosive emotions.”
“Watch her mind’s eye the MOST, though.. because

It IS an ocean of aforementioned RadIcAliSeDDesIRES.”