So many goddamn options to take
Yet I just cannot, seemingly will not, make the break
Staring all about the place, clutching at yesterday’s straws
Thaw the f**k out, why won’t you!?
Choose your own lonely path, whilst I get to choose mine
So far from insane, pains me to say it but, as things turn out, seems to be the rather hardened case I’m quite normal
Fairly raging to be perfectly honest, lost a mammoth amount of time, there seriously no real rhyme, no real reason for any of that
Hands inside of the air, I quit!!
Perfection-seeking a thing of the absolute past
And now, here I sit, listening to the cacophony waves upon the radio, serendipitous forever-flow, perhaps
If you’d so much as told me that this is where I would get be so little as over two years ago, I’d have seriously given you my left arm for more of the same
There is no blame, no pointing fingers, just one crazy OCD stain like no other
Scribbled right across my every youthful existence
Rather futile to over-analyse anymore
Floored me, but now I finally get to see that I can, in fact, be the actual immaculate carpenter to your every downfall
Thanks for the ferocious times we’ve shared together, yet I do think it is now high time I took it all back

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