Someone reminded me recently all about Bukowski, how he drew a fine ‘n’ crazed line between poetry ‘n’ prose
Know what, as it turns out I’ve actually been doing exactly the same
Of late
To rhyme or not to rhyme, a fair ‘n’ honest call simply because it just seems to be goddamn saturated in all of the songs on out there, what we’re used to hearing upon our highbrow stereos since the turn of the century
But I just have to ask you this, which is the right way to go!?
Like any other deadbeat poet, I will forever be desperate to catch what we continually convince ourselves to be something of a serendipitous flow – toe-to-toe with the greatest on out there
Snared you all before you even so much as saw me coming
I don’t even need the quart of rum & coke to smother us whole
Seems an entirely different kind of chokehold will have to do

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