We don’t seem to need it anymore
Adored it though, most certainly
When this hangover permitted us everything
Remember it well, please
Because I just do
All of the time
When I’m blind and drunk it is just not the same anymore
Minus a bone, chewed right the way out against my will
Still there but barely sober yourself
Your own kind of high society early-door everything
Not for me, thank you very much
My memories are both a crutch aside a crucifix
Be lying it I tried to sugarcoat it any other way
Yes, as the years soar by it turns out to be far more painful
I write about you when I want to remember because
Just one of us has too
Really, I only have my pen and a ghost of your former self
You guessed it right, I’m losing my mind oh so intelligently
Or so they say

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