You are right here, nearer to me than I can ever have imagined
They say it’s a fair and rather distasteful tragedy altogether that I get to behold something as glorious as this
But these people, they and their extraordinarily ‘yes’ minion-men are just being a little or a whole lot remiss
They will need to quench their very own thirst ten times over, attempt to once more burst upon the long lost scene
Since they’ve been stereotypically reeling we’ve been tossing and turning the world on its problematic head – depending on the immaculate other for their devoted attention
Quenched our very own thirst a while ago
Isn’t it just downright magical how we now finally get to unequivocally soar – with pretty little pink bows wedged evenly in our hair and rosy red cheeks to speak in and around there’ll be no mistaking us anymore

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