About as soft upon herself as she may ever appear to be – to settle
This ear-aching, all-round surround sound anxiety
She’s been bracing herself for the real She and this will need to happen because nobody can do it quite like her in fact

And the times may well have grounded her to a most Unfathomable halt, yet…this ability simply, frightfully, downright expressively… lies resolutely within her

The personality set humorously aflame to match her demons for fierce vigour, only the tumultuously unjust nature failed time again, heaped atop the other, to let her see it

She is immaculate and there no longer need be anymore plans – that the agonisingly restrictive manner in which she deceitfully upped-sticks and ran away from herself

There was never anything but utter aplomb and absolute foresight to the cause to pause for silenced thought… and finally feel her lifetime unwind and wonderfully unravel to magnificently travel in an unforgettable fashion

It is the passion that speaks loudest in this living, breathing, beat-the-odds instance

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