Taut thoughtfulness – optimistic foresight and cracking insight. And the underbelly glares.

An assigned famous someone exceptionally special carries with them a constant curve of the peripheral peek of their multi-emotive eye-piece
An artistic anomaly, indeed.

And a fair degree of blood begins at boiling, all awhile the dilapidated, seriously estranged director proceeds at keeping his favourite ear-piece exceptionally happy again.

Pen poised and at the screaming centre-point of the sacrilege spill of the constant swill …

Therein lies a stark balancing act between genius and mere petrifying brilliance …

And a bargaining drama determinedly embroils itself comfortably within a chosen degree of professional dereliction – this cannot even begin to make itself up from the start til the finishing.

And yet, they will persist at whimsically winning – til that camera lens inevitably hones on in and begins to make it all up again. The wisp of the cigarette sells it so motherfucking well.

A living, seething, breathing handheld footnote midst strenuously tremendous hardship twisted til bleeding heavenly beneath this ethereal atmosphere.

Of theirs; neither his, nor hers – for that matter. In fact.