Same-same, only ’tis a fair downright shame everything needing to be oh so very goddamn fleeting
Zaragoza in the spring time, way back when cold Indian winds get to juxtapose us entirely, to within a snow-quake inch of our young and pretty lives
Dependent upon being met face-to-face by some kind of fire, any kind really will do
Few and far between when it comes down to our peculiar two, willing to go cold shoulder insane – taste yet never quite swallow these seriously recurring flames time again – Who Do We Each Blame!!?
Gift wrapped extraordinaire, a rather befittingly parcelled return all in its cascading honour
Earn your subtle worth in this world, pearl-earring everything and anything
Bring our particular Elysium right back to the table, where I know full well we have indeed been on a hundred occasions before
Jaws wide-open, prepared to snare all of it
Every Last Blast
Witted with our pits – upside down temptation, elation to a point of epic return
Sitting it out right atop the Indian Ocean, precious feet dug deep, perfect commotion potion-wrapped and getting to wash all over us
One Final Time
Like I say, juxtaposed entirely

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