Someone once said that we could own the whole night
That everything else we ever did could amount to something or another – albeit perhaps superficially so from time to time
He will subtly hold and carefully caress this affable fender guitar ’til his eyes turn themselves dry and remain eerily still all over again – the utmost total yo-yo effect
That sprightly fleck is very nearly otherworldly
The veteran pen has bled itself terrifically wet and he feels no such regret
She will instrumentally, monumentally place herself right behind this fledgling piano and sing herself extremely accustomed ’til managing to unequivocally bring everyone to this rather sizeable table – she is all too aware that these sophomore people are far more than able
Finally proving above all else that one ‘Handsome Man Harrison’ and ‘Pretty Little Pirouette Polly’ are more than able to succinctly parade the whole damn thing – these wholly implemented strings are the most beautiful replication devices that you may ever get to see, altogether memorable
When opting upon outright honesty brought with it an absolute lack of downright trouble – a serene and sparkling diamond will forever bubble at the surface, shining courageously bright amidst the crazed and coarse rubble

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