A hot weather heart says that general havoc will inevitably settle, only whenever, really, this layabout artist decides to sit and admittedly d-e-c-o-d-e their very own cohort of military-mannered words – “deliciously please ! Let them see”
The might of marching amalgamation brought surreptitiously back together (again)
And all via many a secretive sense of quintessential existence

As the paint spatters to pour, some bit.. some more …
Panic-stricken and it will pressurize itself into rampantly remaining

Stereo-typically engaged in riotous acts of rebellious rage, officially embittered and developmentally entangled demonstratively within .. its very own soothing sense of ill-tempered misadventure

R-a-g-i-n-g to feel: both real and rather mordantly romanticized this time
Henceforth, all eyes will unanimously arise and emerge ! At that first sight of brand new and demonstrative observation

Midst a gallivanting landscape of far-reaching f-r-e-e-d-o-m .
Perhaps just like Hemingway & Vincent hemmed-and-hawed and swore it inevitably for themselves ? Interminable people: downright outright outrageously determined by some sense of iron-fisted creativity, which will enthusiastically remain lock-tight and uncompromisingly confined – – from relentlessly w-i-t-h-i-n .

This half-hearted masterpiece . Of muscle and might, some might like it, some might not .

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