She was old, fierce, fierce old and with a strange little penchant for hot cross buns
The kind that lit up her life absolutely
Especially on getting a monthly opportunity to watch her far superior siblings bite on into each one
How every time the pastry cracked so as to let her know just how very well she had, in fact, done
Each time she would stare at her younger brother’s eyes, waiting to see when, oh when he might opt upon picking his teaspoon back on up and adding a fine dollop of clotted cream to the heady mix
He knew she liked to watch
Heck, it managed to somehow make his entire Saturday worth some kind of while if he were to be totally honest too
They just seemed to both know
Meanwhile, there was Deirdre puffing it out on her John Player cigarette, fretting about everything that Monday at the office may just decide to bring with it
Hectic, no doubt about that
These cigarettes, those sugar cubes – always and forever brown – atop her Gold Blend home brew coffee seemed to make things relatively worthwhile in her very own peculiar case
Seems each sibling had their own taste
And, really, she was proud she had managed to shelf the Bourbon these past three months
Sure hadn’t her face cleared up something magic?
Then, of course, who on this earth could ever forget Reilly, the oh so beautiful one who did nothing and still managed to make an impression, gain seemingly everything all for herself
She didn’t fancy these get-togethers so much, there most probably far more opportune places to be, men with money to do!
Her knickers, to be perfectly forthright and quite deceitfully telling, never strayed too far north of her seriously eager ankles
Nonetheless, she will chew at the fat of her siblings’ endlessly nauseating albeit often smile-inducing chatter
So there they were, the four of them, with their twenty-seven year age gap from start to finish
Settled souls with a hundred-and-one troubles yet try as they might to make none of it matter
The hot cross buns something of a God forsaken necessity, even so much as a relatively funny comparison – they each sitting with their HOT and soothing liquids to one side, silencing CROSS demeanours and snug as a Blarney Woollen Mills rug BUNS
Somehow Emily just knew mid-brew that it was all about to kick off

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