Excelsior is

stark, raving, crazily juxtasupposed is this wondering both wandering Artiste: which cuts favourably against the slab of sliced landscape, herein she searches for post-humorous escape, please?

Paint, brush… and seethe. Intellectual, brigadier-bravado and continual levels of subordinate hierarchy, which will find one such meaningful way to wondrously elaborate amidst this- its penultimate prognosis to process is to painfully proceed.. … but is the abstaining nature of her Bluetooth-brain really, well and truly above the beyond this particular time?

She needs both kneels to know it though. Let. It. Be.

Beautifully interwoven aside delicately interconnected via second-to-none-other ignominy – “Sheesh!!”

And breathe.. … like we mean it. When an artist’s shame holds no blame but for the weight of their posthumous fame.

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