Luxurious gloom Bedhead bewilderment – utter disenfranchise
Red auburn natural born aphrodisiac for many an unmade-up man who fails to cater for The telling noise of her weathered nature
And a rather resolute rain falls all the ways down again – and beneficially begging itself to meet the penetrating pieces of her wailing brain Grenades of gratitude, be rueful not to proceed, would it not, to thieve some sort of a preparatory part back for itself?
Stands at its looking-glass window yet again – both she and it pushing portraitures together, incessantly, affably fabricated till delicately congruent and shock-absorbed at the size of this self-expressive thing That asks for her heaping hands to both forlornly bathe and bask, immeasurably within, its taste for locomotive torture
She has been sentimental, simultaneously swearing upon a peace-filled rule-of-thumb this tumultuous time above all else, all of the other ridiculously restless, sleeping people who’ve been sleeping way out there With their average minds of many caught landslide within any kind of a nastily nocturnal mound of necessary over-divulgence which gently permits itself to breathe – deliciously upright-thinking indulgences welcoming themselves to whichever comes first
Speaks when sets itself irrepressibly against The modern-day miracle of the transfixed slaughter, the female artist who comfortably enhanced her Cinderella dancing mind over mesmerised matter Madhatter, incessant little pretty manoeuvrable instruments Namely ten representing, pressing, manicured fingernails which sit markedly still when inevitably called back upon To beneficially reconvene and to outright amount midst another magical realm of craftily-led reality
Matter of fact some might pray – prey – for it to let itself free to be… typewritten phenomenally within second-to-none other resurfacing levels of Jack Kerouac-esque fallen at the face of the floor transcriptional happenstance Hand-grabbing enthusiasm Borrowed by the busiest bee in the whole entire universe And all awhile it generally, generously, generically holds its forbidden thirst away from her giving nature And the hiding, hidden, conglomerate story holds all of the painstaking, -raking bouts of lesser-instilled glory, haphazardly slaphappy and only until…
It thrills the bones of her quarantined being to walk on into the marshy mounds, screaming, scheming surrounds of her adolescently depressed brain and asks, asks, keeps on incredulously asking… For all of it right the way back to an imperfect place of attachment and belonging – perched irreparably upon a wing and a commonplace prayer, she moves with the tail-end spin of her fainting chair and passes the point of judgemental interference, finally, worth waiting bleary-eyed within an onslaught of fashionably caffeinated fashionable instances
For it to utilise the visionary scope of her suddenly failing eyes – the bounce back shall need to remain indelibly pronounced They asked her for her hand only she gave them the shape of her far-reaching, -reacting soul… proposes to suppose a thing of undeniable hindsight followed ingeniously by the supernatural level of digital Dignitas wrapped right round about significant bouts of disorientated Gravitas Have a heart, pl-ease, and ease it on in like the single most sizeably significant thing that will ever both tether and tend for itself To outlandishly handle and, what’s more, constantly reoccur
And she sits back up to watch the dog-eared letter wrestle with the guts of the door, which simply says ‘yes’ soon as she simply says ‘no’

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