As still as the teasing chair that seems to see him
As sharp a face as each one of his abruptly paintings can somehow manage to piercingly portray – on point, par for and otherworldly announcing something fair rambunctiously given over to them
These strangely, strategically perturbing people with purposefully initiated minds placed initially against the flickering, sweltering flame of rhapsodic fire – he will pardon himself silly whilst all awhile driving his mind into the gravel of a whipsmart start all over again
One cracked studio glass-mirror – when the shape of his favourite best fixation tends to lend itself generally, generously, toward creating pulsating art that ultimately manages to matter…
Shall the comparisons need to be deafening, though!?
Egon Schiele with his forever-shield penetrating dangerously against the amusing faces of a thousand hierarchical muses, and all of them rather envious as to the wrought-iron, challenging levels of his adolescent delinquency regards his naval-gazing ability to adhere to these shape-shifting manoeuvrings
Of theirs – constant and treasured, a living, seething, breathless, -filled pleasure to beatnik behold the laborious work of one standalone artist of generational descent
All of the standing-still, eerily traversing paint in the wandering universe dutifully intermingled and maniacally mangled till led gloriously toward a million imaginative landscapes which can somehow, anyhow, Lord knows how, really, manage to comfortably cotton-on and creatively capture
His truest reasonings to live and breathe throughout complete freedom – freely
Time after tumultuous time again with the rampant warpaint which stands above and highfalutin beyond the supernatural grasp at hand of these equally addled albeit undeniably less artistically able people who shall forever wear his favourite best feelings captured picture-perfect within…
Their mind’s eye for peripheral survival
Soon as masterful manipulation via the dark side of the equation counts for absolutely everything