He pulls off his tee and gets to talking
These producers and what not need his attention – want it, must have it
Steve’s been thinking and it’s all kinds of something
The cigarette almost lights itself, sparked before touching a lip
His piercing eyes vision in – she’s a fellow actor of equal value, less roguishly good looks, more shall we say sexiness in a glass
Of which, hers is perched
Atop the Actors’ van with lipstick stitched
He hones in, charm to transform the very air which surrounds their egos – only ever affable
High – wired, scintillated conversation to seemingly appear out of nothing
Bred from nowhere and everywhere – all of it reliant upon utter inbuilt flare with golddust lavishly painted on
When McQueen places his real talents in the right place at the exact right time
Eyes do roam about this moment in cherished time
A muscled and glistening arm takes her settled frame in his
To sit and watch the warm Atlantic sky disarm their brand new day