What if her words were made to be beWILDered by a secondary-sense of contemplative and forensic foresight, that enviably fast-forwarded hindsight hilarity which WILL SUITABLY remain to sustain .. with them UP until, exceptional FEELS a-lot like every SINGle thug of a puppeteer’s heartstring?!

Soon as we get to see these crystal-clEAR people involuntarily em ok bodied by these vainGLORY details which wILL ((inevitably)) bring with it: that age-old, war-torn level of cutthroat and creatively advantageous individual!

Those same sane, plain-faced warlords who’ve been deceptively trained, learned and immaculately attired to fire … …

from the tips of their crippled hips. When a level playing-field between unaSHAMED people suddenly became.. her favourite/best/game…

Of bandaged brilliance MEETS with dancing resilience

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