And write; and make paint proceed at pace – and… and…… AND all of these livid/seething/BrEatHiNg & P.U.L.S.A.T.I.N.G things

Til pushed to the brink of imperfectly PERFECT… perfection, again – a homeMADE ZEN that CANnot but gladly int(errupt) upon

Their greatest EVER F-e-S-t-E-r-I-n-G mindset

Get ready and… … “GOOOOOOO!” Again, to GAIN a substantial S-E-N-S-E of unfashionABLE AND quick-ThInKiNg delirium, “pl=EasE.”

TIMES – – MOTHEREFFING multiplied by: THINKING-FOR-TEN delirioUSly designated PeOpLe

Per tantamount time!!

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