I brought you and them everywhere that could count and simply because – to allow our sophomore souls to float on up like a welterweight balloon was to assume a sitting positioning, poised playfully between

That mind of yours, a mind of many, never ever minded too much, did it though? I with my heavyweight extracurricular scribblings, you with your foot to the floor

On the road to next to nowhere but for instantaneously everywhere again – painfully insistent upon this middleweight forgiveness of each of us to their repulsive own

A tank full of gas for the tearful gas and the oceanic laughter
And as these purposefully prone, quantifiably estranged, prearranged pretenders we do mean to feel…
The whole of the other person’s thirst for this exacting globe

Now, my passenger seat distraction, how’s about a preordained cigarette for ourselves yet again and all of this whilst we get to pardoning ourselves superficially insane midst these reckless endeavours till getting to eventually calling them something

Quiet and spontaneously, specifically terrific… and a feather blows near the weight of her soul